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Harness the power of dark web fraud intelligence to remain a step ahead of cybercriminals.

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Outsmart adversaries and stop fraud by disrupting the underground economy of stolen data. Proactively reduce exposure and risk with access to robust, enriched, and normalized fraud intelligence from dark and deep web sources.

  • Evaluate payment card portfolio risk in real time to inform effective mitigation strategies.
  • Quickly identify compromised common points of purchase (CPPs) and infected e-commerce sites.
  • Monitor and receive alerts when corporate or customer credentials are leaked.
  • Monitor e-commerce sites for active digital skimming infections.
  • Stay current with deep insight into the prominent criminal actors, as well as the latest trends, techniques and incidents.
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What Our Customers Say

“Gemini Advisory is an important layer in fraud prevention in addition to compromise detection and authorization rules. I would definitely recommend this solution to any card issuer.“ 

- Senior VP, Fraud Analytics, Large US Card Issuer