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Magecart Overwatch: Identifying, Analyzing, and Mitigating E-Skimmers

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Join Gemini Advisory to get to know one of our latest solutions, Magecart Overwatch.

As more retailers have shifted to online shops, CNP fraud continues to rise. Digital skimming, also known as a Magecart attack, is a major driver of CNP fraud, infecting e-commerce sites to siphon payment card details. The stolen card data is often then resold on the dark web and ultimately used for fraudulent purchases.

Gemini Advisory developed Magecart Overwatch to proactively map criminal activity across thousands of e-commerce sites. Through proactive domain scanning and sophisticated security analysis, Magecart Overwatch provides near real-time visibility into newly breached e-commerce domains globally, identifies points of infections, establishes a window of exposure, and links multiple infections to specific campaigns.

Join Gemini’s Director of Research and Development, Stas Alforov, and Senior Fraud Analyst, Shane Asher, to hear how Magecart Overwatch is scouring the web to reduce fraud.

  • Learn how Gemini leverages different types of indicators of compromise (IOCs) to identify thousands of infections worldwide.
  • Review the timeline between Magecart infections and when the compromised payment card data is actually offered for sale on dark web marketplaces.
  • Learn about new Magecart trends and how criminal actors use numerous evasive techniques to stay ahead of the researchers and site administrators.
  • Learn how financial institutions as well as merchant acquirers and processors can leverage the intelligence to reduce fraud exposure, and how e-commerce platforms can increase security through active monitoring of client sites.


About the Speakers:

stas-1Stas Alforov started his cyber career at the National Cyber Forensic Training Alliance (NCFTA) as part of the Cyber Financial program. He focused on identifying Eastern European threats to the payments industry, monitored and identified money mule networks, and led the US participation in the Airline Action Days operations for several years. He has used his knowledge of cybercriminal organizations, operational security, and tactics, techniques, and procedures to assist both the financial sector and domestic and foreign law enforcement agencies. He now serves as the Director of Research and Development at Gemini Advisory, where he identifies and improves ways of monitoring asset portfolio exposure and effectively assists financial institutions in mitigating payment card fraud.

ShaneAShane Asher began his cyber career as a Special Agent at the United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI). While with AFOSI, Shane provided counterintelligence support to operations targeting proliferation of materials and data on critical defense research and technology programs. After leaving AFOSI, he went on to work at Bank of America supporting its cyber-threat remediation operations, insider threat investigations, and cyber-fraud teams. During this time, Shane worked with the account takeover and payment card fraud teams to leverage dark web data in an effort to thwart cyber-criminal activity against the financial sector and its clients.